About Gnosis

Gnosis is an esoteric school that studies human psychology, spiritual principles, and methodologies for the cultivation of ethics and soul.

The Gnostic doctrine is essentially practical and seeks to lay out the necessary tools and principles that each individual may utilize for their own psychological work. In the same way that there are laws of nature and mathematics, Gnosis seeks to understand the universal and impersonal principles of esotericism and spiritual development; the underlying thread of knowledge that links all religions, mythologies, and spiritual philosophies.

The etymology of Gnosis refers to a type of experiential knowledge gained through direct experience, and this is what those who study these teachings work to utilize in daily, practical life.

To better understand the world in which we live we must make an effort to perceive reality in its objective form, and this requires the utilization of an objective principle within us; something that transcends the subjectivity of the mind. In human beings, this principle is often referred to as consciousness. The consciousness needs nourishment to develop, and in Gnosis we seek to utilize and cultivate that principle further through our studies.

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Albany Center

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The Association in New Zealand.

The Gnostic Society is an esoteric school based in New Zealand and around the world providing classes, practices, exercises, and teachings that enable a student to answer their own questions on the nature of existence and to transform themselves through their own work and experience. It is run by volunteers who study, practice, and live the Gnostic path. There are two centers in Auckland. One in Albany, one in Henderson, and one in Christchurch.

Other centres in New Zealand.