Advance Study


For those who finish the 33-week introductory course ”Meditation Chamber” follows. Meditation chamber is a deeper practical study into the mystical and spiritual aspect of the program.

1. Relaxation

2. Practice Meditation through Rhythmic Breathing Technique

3. Practice Meditation through Breathing Exercises

4. The Science of Meditation

5. Recommendations to Students

6. The Eternal Feminine

7. Egyptian Christic Pranayama

8. Concentration and Meditation

9. The 7 Chakras and Kundalini

10. The Cardias

11. The mantra “WU”

12. Om Mani Padme Hum

13. The Heart Sutra

14. Practices for Assistance to Masters of Medicine

15. Practice with the Elemental Body

16. The Lord’s Prayer

17. Practice Imagination

18. The Esoteric Discipline of the Mind

19. Dream yoga

20. Understanding, Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition and Human Problems

21. The Specific Teaching for Dissolution of Ego

22. The Ten Rules of Meditation

23. Esoteric Discipline

Studies are continuous once the Meditation Chamber is complete.

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